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With access to leading Australian Sports  Physiotherapists, we are able to have your employees assessed prior to or during the course of their employment in regard to musculoskeletal injury risk.

If required, our Occupational Therapists can attend your workplace to conduct a Job Analysis, providing  information on the critical physical work demands of the job.

From here, our Sports Titled Physiotherapist works using valid and reliable assessment tools to develop a customised pre-employment medical.  This screen assesses an individuals specific physical status and abilities against the physical demands of the job they are applying for or working in. 

This process can assist with identifying and reducing injury risk.

We are qualified to include as part of your pre-employment:

  • musculo-skeletal assessment;

  • hearing assessment;

  • drug and alcohol screening.

Companies we have worked with include:

 - Pfizer - Rio Tinto Iron Ore - Rottnest Island Authority - InvoCare - Regis and Aegis Aged Care - 

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