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Do you suffer from Running Knee Syndrome?

Runners Knee Syndrome or Ililio Tibial Band Friction Syndrome (ITBFS) is a painful overuse injury that effects the knee.

Common in both runners and cyclist, running knee syndrome, commonly starts as intermittent pain, sharp in nature and very focal. If this pain is ignored, it can become a dull ache even when you are not running or cycling becoming painful when you go up or down stairs.

Common causes of runners knee

The two most common causes of runners knee are inappropriate training and poor biomechanics (aka as your running style).

Weakness in the gluteus medius, located at the top of your buttocks, can cause runners knee in the distance runner. If the muscle is weak, tension increases in the ilio tibial band (ITB). Your physiotherapist can develop a program to assist you strengthen this muscle and reduce tension in the ITB. This will help you to gain strength and improve your running.

Physiotherapists suggest before cycling, cyclists check their bike set up, especially saddle height. Too high a saddle will increase knee extension and irritate the ITB. If the saddle is too far back, having to reach further for the pedal will also stretch the ITB and possibly lead to irritation.

The team at MTM Physiotherapy Subiaco can assist with treatment of runners knee and assist with your running biomechanics. We also can refer to professionals who have expertise in accurate bike fit.

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