COVID-19 Remote Exercise Programs

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We can help your employees and compensatory clients in self isolation, working from home or not able to go to a gym or physiotherapy clinic.

Your employees and clients will stay SAFE and FIT with our home based exercise and work hardening programs.

We will help them:

  • Get better

  • Get fitter

  • Reduce the risk of re-injury

  • Reduce re-aggravation, 


through a low cost, home based physiotherapy exercise program over video and through remote support.​

Workers Compensation


We know that exercise rehabilitation is an imperative part of the injury management and return to work process. 

Given the current concerns regarding COVID-19 –:


  1. Many workers are not wanting or able to attend the gym for their exercise or work hardening programs with the increased risk of COVID-19 in such a venue. ​

  2. We are all uncertain as to the length of time this will continue. 

  3. Many host employers for redeployment clients are likely to not accept work trials.  In these cases, our work hardening programs can help.


​As Physiotherapists to the Australian Men’s and Women’s hockey teams, we are working hard to optimise the health and well-being of our Olympic athletes.  We are looking at innovative ways to have them continue training, to maintain fitness to play, whilst looking at mitigating risk to injury and the COVID-19 virus.








We are extremely happy to offer you and your clients part of this same service delivery.


At MTM Physiotherapy Subiaco, we have access to a highly developed physiotherapy exercise software platform, offering clients home based physiotherapy exercise or work hardening programs.   


The app is FREE for our clients. 


The software has:

  • built in outcome measures on adherence including: session attendance, duration of exercise, pain levels and the % of exercises completed,

  • real time outcome tracking.


More importantly the client has access to our high level of professional expertise through video and support remotely. 

  • No gym is required. 

  • No travel is required. 

  • Subsequent consultations are less than onsite visits.

  • The overall COST IS SIGNIFICANTLY LESS than a traditional gym exercise program AND

  • There is NO RISK to your client regarding COVD-19 as they are ‘working out’ from home


MTM Physiotherapy Subiaco